"We had the pleasure of dealing with Wayne Fleet from Thompson Heating in 2014 when our radiant heat stopped working. We had been told by a local company that we would need to have extensive work done to repair the heating system and that it would cost us much more than we could afford.

Feeling discouraged and hopeless with the prospect of such a huge repair job and expense, we were put in touch with Wayne. He immediately put us at ease, explaining that there were other options for us to consider.

We ended up having forced air vents, with everything running up in through the attic. There was very little disruption to our home, the work was done quickly and the staff were friendly and respectful. The price of this heating was a fraction of what we were facing with the other company.

We were grateful for the speedy response that we got from Wayne and his team, as well as the different options he suggested. Thompson Heating was the perfect choice for us and we highly recommend it."


"Thompson Heating is a pleasure to work with. Wayne is always available to provide great customer service and pricing. Thompson Heating are always willing to work with us to provide custom designs when planning large projects. The site team are always very respectful and professional and provide quality products with efficient installation. If you are looking for piece of mind Thompson Heating are a great company to do business with."

Park Ridge

"Thompson Heating installed an amazing new Amana furnace for us in 2011 when we purchased and renovated our home. Wayne did a great job of fitting the new furnace and ducting in and we have had a trouble-free experience ever since. He drove all the way to Hope BC to service our needs. We highly recommend Thompson Heating. Thanks Wayne!"